STENDHAL SYNDROME is a psychosomatic disorder that causes rapid heartbeat, dizziness, fainting, confusion and even hallucinations when an individual is exposed to an experience of great personal significance, particularly viewing art.
Monty Maddox thinks he’s going crazy. He faints in museums while looking at a painting. Is he going insane? Does he have Stendhal Syndrome? Or is he a pawn in a terrifying plot against the Government?

STENDHAL is a pilot for a weekly one hour drama.

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Reckless Abandon

A young and out of luck man comes across a mysterious and beautiful woman named Aria at a local coffee shop. After a…

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The Urn 2.0

A woman goes to a garage sale looking to decorate her shelf and buys a beautiful urn, thinking it’s a vase. After discovering ashes in it, she decides to return it to rightful owner. But something is not right when she realizes that no one has lived there for years.

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Picture Puzzle

Set in Boston, two graduate students meet and fall in love. He, one day, discovers a photograph at her apartment, a photograph that he also owns. What he sees, bewilders, shocks and confuses him. He concludes that their pasts are inexplicably linked. He sets out on a journey to discover the truth. What he finds and how he finds it, unravels an intriguing story of mystery, coincidence and twists of circumstance.

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Suicide Party Film Project

SUICIDE PARTY is a dramatic film which deals with a critical issues in our times — inequality and the wealth gap in America between rich and poor.

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After losing their parents, two brothers endure the collapse of modern society when the power grid goes down. Writer/Director Samuel Jacob has created a story in the spirit of “The Thin Red…

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Crazy for Love

Crazy for Love is a re-modernist short film about the things someone will do for love.

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